Prof. Christopher Breward

FREE Guest Talk

12 December 2019 | 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM

'A History of Fashion in Art'GUEST TALK by Professor Christopher Breward, who has flown direct from the Conference Millennium Masculinities: Queers, Pimp Daddies and Lumbersexuals, held at Massey University, to be with us this evening.  “From the brocade, ermine and steel in Hugo Van Der Goes' Trinity Altarpiece to the fine lace in Alan Ramsay's portrait of his wife, and many other examples, the collection of the National Galleries of Scotland provides rich source material for considering the ways in which artists in Scotland and beyond have approached the representation of fabrics and clothing, their textures and social meanings. In this lecture, NGS Director of Collection and Research, and widely published scholar on the history of fashion, Christopher Breward, will reflect on the best examples of fashion painting in the NGS collection.”

Supported by Te Papa and Massey University.

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