Archaeological Collections

24 September 2019 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Taking another look at archaeological collections in museums provides an opportunity to re-visit what we think about those things and the places they are from.  It also allows us to make new findings not recognised in the original archaeological excavations. Join some ‘archaeologically minded’ Ngāi Tahu as they discuss the project to re-organise coastal Fiordland collections in a gallery space as part of Alex Monteith’s project Kā paroro o haumumu: Coastal Flows / Coastal Incursions. Gerard O’Regan (Research Fellow, University of Auckland), will share insights from re-visiting the collections of the alpine Fiordland site in Takahe Valley that helped shaped some of his thinking. He’ll join Rachel Wesley (Curator Māori, Otago Museum) and Vicki Lenihan (community arts practitioner, producer and advisor) who has been cataloguing the coastal midden material, to discuss aspects of the archaeology currently unfolding in the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. Tea and biscuits to follow the kōrero. FREE - all welcome.

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