Kerrie Poliness

Black O Wall Drawings

27 July 2024 - 26 January 2025

Australian artist Kerrie Poliness has been producing abstract rule-based wall drawings since 1989. Scaled to specific sites and installed directly onto the wall by single or multiple collaborators, these works exist as detailed step-by-step instruction booklets. In 2022, Black O Wall Drawings was gifted to the Dunedin Public Art Gallery collection, having previously been part of the Jim Barr and Mary Barr long-term loan collection. Scaled to 70% of the height of the Gallery’s Big Wall, three drawings (from a set of six) will be installed by the Gallery staff. Through these repeated wall drawings, Poliness highlights the impacts of decision-making, implementation, and site-specificity – raising questions about the process and parameters of art making. 

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