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23rd Mar 2013 - 28th Apr 2013

Patrick Davies (actor)
Anna Heymowska (set designer)
Johan Hjerpe (graphic designer)
Paul Leong (investment banker)
Jo Randerson (playwright)  
Ybodon (computer scientist) 


The two internationally acclaimed Swedish artists, Goldin + Senneby, have produced and commissioned a play by the New Zealand play write, Jo Randerson, which is being rehearsed in the DPAG’s McMillan Gallery constantly through the week (except Monday and Tuesdays), by the Dunedin actor Patrick Davies.  This exhibition/theatre workshop happens simultaneously at Auckland’s Artspace.  This is a speculative project which relocates (and puts on display) a hidden theatrical space (the rehearsal room) into another context, the art gallery.  It  also looks at the different approaches that can be taken in the creation, financing and presentation of an art experience.  The two artists will spend over a week in New Zealand, which includes five days in Dunedin, collaborating on the project with staff at the DPAG, local curators, actors and a script writer.  The second aspect of the exhibition operates outside the Gallery proper and sees the artists developing a financial model with a financial advisor and computer programmer that operates in real time and is the financial structure for the actors remuneration.

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