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The Cubic Structural Evolution Project by Olafur Eliasson [3 May - 3 August 2014]

Remember the LEGO exhibition [aka: The Cubic Structural Evolution Project by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson]. Thousands of you made thousands of creations from thousands of white Lego bricks, including castles, Greek temples, entire city-scapes, the Eiffel Tower, sailing ships, airplanes, Lego-zilla, Lego-gators.... We could borrow from this outpouring of creativity and set up our own structural evolution project at home - what free-form creations / scapes / empires will evolve from our own lego collections over these weeks? Take a look at the past exhibition listing for inspiration or for just a good old nostalgia trip: click here 

[above: OLAFUR ELIASSON The Cubic Structural Evolution Project. Installation view, Dunedin Public Art Gallery 2014. Collection Queensland Art Gallery]

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