A Dandelion

Charles Edward Perugini

Kia ora koutou — this is a series where we ZOOM in on one of the wonderful artworks from the Dunedin Public Art Gallery’s Collection...

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not
by Charles Edward Perugini      
[1839-1918 British]
Oil on canvas 
Collection Dunedin Public Art Gallery

Can you see what this young woman is doing? She’s blowing on a dandelion.

What do you do when you find a dandelion? Do you make a wish? Do you try and get all the seeds off in one puff? 

The title of this painting tells us she is playing a romantic game. There is a young man that she likes, and she is hoping the dandelion game will tell her if he likes her. 

Each time she blows on the dandelion, she thinks “he loves me” or “he loves me not”. On which blow will the last seed leave? 

Dandelion seeds are normally spread by the wind. That’s why each one is like a little parachute.

See if you can find dandelion in your garden. 

Blow the seeds off and watch them float away through the air.

Draw a picture of dandelion seeds floating away on the breeze.

Find out other ways that plants spread their seeds.  

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