The Pose

Robin White

Kia ora koutou — this is a series where we ZOOM in on one of the wonderful artworks from the Dunedin Public Art Gallery’s Collection...

Sam Hunt at the Portobello Pub 
by Robin White     
[b.1946 Aotearoa New Zealand]
Acrylic on hardboard
Collection Dunedin Public Art Gallery

Artist Robin White enjoyed having her friend Sam Hunt come to stay with her in Portobello, Dunedin. He is a famous New Zealand poet. I wonder if he was at the local pub entertaining people by reciting his poetry. 

Look at the painting. What are the clues that the day is warm, sunny and windy?

Sam looks a bit grumpy. What do you think has just happened? 

Here are some of my ideas:

“Just wait outside the pub and I’ll pick you up.” Sam’s friend had said. An hour had gone by and still the car hadn’t shown up. Sam was getting hot and bothered.

Sam had lost the bet and now he had to stand like a ballerina right outside doorway where everyone could see him.
He felt very silly.

Sam was half-way through singing ‘I’m all Little Teapot’ when he saw the bus coming in the distance.

Can you copy that pose? Now put one foot on top of the other. This is the Sam Hunt statue challenge.  Who can stand the longest without putting other foot on the ground or taking your hands off your hips? 

Make up your own story for this picture. 

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