Japanese Film Festival

FREE 2 day festival

Saturday 12 December - Sunday 13 December | 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

(Courtesy of the Japanese Embassy and Japan Foundation):

Saturday 12 December 
 Iwane: Sword of Serenity (121mins)

3pm Almost a Miracle (120mins)

5:30pm Samurai Cat (100mins)

Sunday 13 December          
Pecoross’ Mother & Her Days (113mins)

12:30pm A Beautiful Star (127mins)

3pm A Banana? At This Time of Night? (120mins)

Children aged 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver.

IMAGES: Top right: Banana?At This Time of Night?: (c) 2018 "A Banana? At This Time of Night" Film Partners. Top left: Iwane:Sword of Serenity: (c)2019 "Iwane: Sword of Serenity" Film Partners Bottom right: Samurai cat: (c)2014 NEKO SAMURAI PRODUCTION COMMITTEE. Bottom left: Almost a Miracle: (c) Yuki Ando/SHUEISHA (c)2019 "Almost a Miracle" Film Partners

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