Re-Sounding the Peninsula

Listening to Place

Thursday 11 May | 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Nourishing our relation to place through sound.

Attending to the ephemeral, the unseen and the invisible.

A music performance conceived by Alison Isadora (Caselberg Creative Connections Resident)

Co-created by: residents from Whaka Oho Rahi/Broad Bay, musicians and residents from Ōtepoti, and musicians from Amsterdam. 

Audience-score illustrations by Broad Bay School students.

Performed by: Alison Isadora, Craig Monk, Jan-Bas Bollen, Ro Rushton-Green, Nathaniel Otley, Jennifer Cattermole, Claire Beynon, Manson Wright, Ash Joubert, Francesca Bolgar, Jenny Winter, Julanne Clarke-Morris Finlay Clarke-Wallace, Theodora Clarke-Wallace, Made Newson.

8pm Thursday 11 May on the ODT gallery space
Doors open at 7:45pm and close at 8pm
ONLY CASH at door or via (with fees attached):
Adults $20
Under 18/ Unwaged / Students $10

Thanks to the Caselberg Trust, Creative New Zealand Toi Aotearoa, DCC, DPAG, Aliz Soos and all those involved along the way.

Re-sounding the Peninsula is the culmination of workshops held by Alison Isadora (Caselberg Creative Connections Resident), in which Whaka Oho Rahi/Broad Bay residents collected sounds from their environment. We attended both to sounds belonging to this island since it was formed, and introduced sounds, noticing how the human and other-than-human connect. With the support of local musicians, we explored these sonic relationships and discovered how we could translate these connections musically.

Audience members will also be encouraged to participate. Audience-scores, illustrated by students from Broad Bay School, aim to stimulate diverse ways of listening.

This project focusses on our connections with place, how we attend to our sonic environment and in doing so how we can explore co-creation on various levels. Re-sounding the Peninsula brings the sounds of the peninsula into the city, connecting diverse groups of people in the process.

Presented in association with Robin White: Te Whanaketanga | Something is Happening Here and NZ Music Month 


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