Taoka tuku iho

full-circle tracing of Kua hoki mai ngā Karae

Wednesday 9 August | 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Curious about what this team of people working in gallery are doing?

As the light fades on this artwork Kua hoki mai ngā Karae by Ross Hemera it’s presence will continue.

The artwork will remain embedded in the gallery walls covered over by layers of paints as future exhibitions occupy this space. 

Similar to te ana whakairo (southern Māori rock art) in rock shelters, a team led by Gerard O’Regan are going to give Kua hoki mai ngā Karae an ‘archaeological recording’.

Frank Davis and Wal Ambrose initiated the tracing of Māori rock art on plastic sheets in the 1950s when the Waitaki Gorge was to be flooded for the Benmore dam. These tracings are now treasured recordings in southern museums.

In a similar way, this team of Kāi Tahu archaeologists and artists will trace these drawings before they are painted over. The artist Ross Hemera sees this project as completing a ‘full circle’ where these whakairo by Kāi Tahu hands are now being recorded in tracing by Kāi Tahu hands.

Feel free to observe the team as they trace and record.

1pm – 5pm Tuesday 8 August
9am – 3pm Wednesday 9 August

D-Gallery in Hurahia ana kā Whetū

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