Miss Crabb Door 2005

FIONA CONNOR [b.1981 Aotearoa New Zealand]

MDF, plexiglass, clay, paint, hardware, custom fixtures
Collection of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. Purchased 2019

Fiona Connor’s sculptures, installations and curatorial projects look to and replicate everyday objects and locations. Connor’s works, which are painstakingly crafted, often isolate architectural sites or features to explore ideas of place, form, function and time. Miss Crabb Door is an exact replica of a building’s front door – a shop that was once home to the Miss Crabb clothing label on Ponsonby Road in Auckland, which has since closed. Doors have often appeared in Connor’s work, as markers of a particular place at a particular moment in time. Her exhibition Closed Down Clubs (2018) for example, presented a suite of replicated doors from a series of clubs that were no longer operational across Los Angeles, California. Removed from their utilitarian function, these replicas carry the minutiae of use, from dents and scratches to weathering and paint fragments, to the open/closed sign we see in  Miss Crabb Door.

+Emily Hartley-Skudder
Staging Your Comeback 2020
PVC wall stickers and pine trim
Courtesy of the artist and Jonathan Smart Gallery

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