From the Collection

16 April 2016 - 16 August 2016

Bodywork presents an opportunity to take a closer look at three major works in the Dunedin Public Art Gallery collection. Each addresses the body as a central motif - from Luise Fong's skin-like painted surfaces, to the physicality of Alicia Frankovich's sculpture and the psychological drama of Ronnie van Hout. 

This exhibition draws together three major works from the Dunedin Public Art Gallery collection, each of which addresses the body as a central theme.  In Dredge (1997) Luise Fong approaches the painted surface as skin: host to abstract patterns that bloom across and flow down the surface; violated by penetrating holes; obscured by pathological 'samples'.  Alicia Frankovich's Rapture (2010) reflects the artist's interest in physicality and the body – its actions, motions and constraints providing the basis from which she explores physical and social spaces, interactions and responses. In I've Abandoned Me(2010) Ronnie van Hout exploits, exposes and parodies art history and inner-turmoil in a complex, challenging and compelling self-portrait.

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