David Clegg

Recordings 2006-2009

3 October 2009 - 24 January 2010

“In the garden south of the observatory in Quinta Normal Park, Santiago, Belgian astronomer Niesten observed the 1882 transit of Venus…”

“According to the Otago Witness of December 9, 1882 surveyor Robert Gillies constructed a new observatory in Dunedin to observe the transit.”



The exhibition comprises nine series of photographic and audio recordings made in Santiago, Chile, during September – October 2006, and in Dunedin, New Zealand, during April – May 2009.

The seven series titled Result include index cards, photographs and audio provided on CD walkman and headphones.  At the top of each card is the audio track number followed by the location and date of the photographs and sound recordings. They also provide the time signature of the audio track, and the times at which the two images were made (the top image corresponds with the start of the track and the bottom image with the end). The duration of the track (and the ‘exposure’ time of the composite photograph) is listed at the bottom of the card.

The CD walkman displays the number and elapsed time of the playing track.  You can advance or repeat a track as required.  It may be necessary to return the CD player to the first track (using the forward or reverse buttons) when you begin listening. It may also be necessary to reposition the seating provided.

The two series titled Transmission that are presented in cabinets contain photographs from Santiago and Dunedin newspapers published during the above periods. The radios play news broadcasts recorded on days corresponding with each of the newspapers. The radios may receive all four transmitted signals, according to their proximity and orientation to the cabinets.

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