David Green

Crossing the Line

20 June 2015 - 2 August 2015


“Don’t cross the line!” is the very first thing every fledgling filmmaker hears. 

First you have to imagine two actors facing each other in conversation. Now create an infinite line that passes through the middle of their noses and out the back of their heads. Our mirrored facial features mean that if the camera is not kept on one side of this imaginary line, the screen direction of the speakers' faces will spontaneously reverse in the editing process, creating havoc in the mind of the viewer.

Crossing the Line subtends this cinematic rule as a strategy to both exploit and subvert structuralist concepts. Here Carl Jung’s 100 word association formulary, a clinical device developed to tease out hidden truths, is used as a performative system to bring forth the Freudian psychical triad.  Id, ego, and super-ego flit, fly, and flash - unfettered by imposed structures.

David Green is an artist and filmmaker who lectures in Electronic Arts at The Dunedin School of Art.

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