Fiona Connor

Untitled (mural design)

28 April 2012 - 19 August 2012

This is the second component of Connor’s eight-week artist residency, and it sees the reformulation of an existing exhibition.  Colourbox, the original exhibition, comprised a number of late twentieth century New Zealand abstract expressionist, colour field, and neo-expressionist paintings from the Gallery’s holdings.  Untitled (mural design) utilizes this preceding structure, the collection show, as raw data for rethinking the relationship between exhibition design, didactic information and even the function/augmentation of the artwork.  Connor’s ‘resolved’ Visiting Artist Programme exhibition is in many respects about intervening in and testing the Gallery’s role in generating and facilitating ‘art experiences’.  The most strident aspect of Untitled (mural design) is the manufacturing of a portable hanging system, this allows for the removal of the paintings from the walls and their rehanging as freestanding and moveable screens. 

April 28 - May 27 2012
Aaron Kreisler and Fiona Connor

May 29 - June 17 2012
Michael Parr and Blaine Western

June 19 - July 15 2012
Adam Elliott, Spencer Hall, Clarke Hegan, Jed McCammon, Sam Oram, Phoebe Thompson, and Hamish Wadworth

July 17 - 19 August 2012
Saskia Leek and Nick Austin

A Dunedin Public Art Gallery Visiting Artist's project supported by Creative New Zealand Toi Aotearoa and the Chartwell Trust  

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