Frances Hodgkins

Family and Friends

28 April 2009 - 9 August 2009

Frances Hodgkins: Family and Friends brings together a sampling of works by artists who surrounded Frances Hodgkins in the early years of her artistic development. 

One of the pre-eminent voices in the burgeoning art scene of late nineteenth to early twentieth century Dunedin was the artist’s father, William Mathew Hodgkins, who brought a critical dynamism and uncompromising vision that galvanised the artistic community. In addition, influential friends, such as Dr John Halliday Scott and visiting artists and teachers such as G.P. Nerli, made a profound impression on the young Frances. 

This exhibition is a celebration of the people who came to the fore in these years and who not only shared Frances’s father’s sense of place and occasion, but also were willing to bring their own views and beliefs into the discourse. It is one of the defining aspects of the artistic milieu of Dunedin in this period; that such a strong set of personalities, approaches to practice and range of exhibitions, could be produced without fracturing or compromising these relationships that were so important.

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