Frances Hodgkins

Femme du monde

28 April 2009 - 26 July 2009

This exhibition brings together for the first time all of the paintings by Frances Hodgkins in Dunedin’s public collections. Comprising over seventy works of art and spanning a fifty-year period (from 1890 to 1945), Femme du monde reveals this artist’s immense skill at handling a diverse range of media and a rich variety of subject matter.  It also provides a unique opportunity to evaluate, in a single take, the range and quality of the works held by this community, and highlights the enduring connection that Hodgkins’ has retained with Dunedin. 

Although Hodgkins left Dunedin in 1901, only returning for temporary visits, many in her hometown keenly traced her travels and artistic development.  Early in her career, Hodgkins showed a strength of character and dedication to her practice that belied her years, and it was not until she was truly established in the British art scene, that it became clear that Hodgkins had become a woman of the world.

This exhibition recalls the dedication of family, friends, patrons and collectors, who sought out and purchased key paintings by this artist throughout her career. It is only because of their efforts, that the Dunedin Public Art Gallery is able to bring such a substantial body of works together to celebrate the 140th anniversary of Hodgkins birth. 

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