In Motion

The Moving Parts of Contemporary Art

18 May 2019 - 29 September 2019

This exhibition explores ideas of movement, motion and interactivity through works by Sara Hughes, Tiffany Singh, Rebecca Baumann, and Haines + Hinterding. In this family-friendly, hands on exhibition, we bring works from the Gallery’s collection together with external loans and new commissions.

In Motion invites audiences to explore kinetic sculpture, including two recent acquisitions of works by Rebecca Baumann that use movement and automation as a means of experiencing colour, light and space. Geology (2015), by Haines + Hinterding, invites viewers to use their body and actions to explore a three-dimensional digital world, while Tiffany Singh’s Make A House A Home Project (2019) uses art to activate a community exchange, forging connections between individuals throughout our city. Finally, Sara Hughes’ All My Favourite Shapes (2019) invites gallery visitors to make decisions about composition, form and colour using a series of colourful magnets on the gallery wall. Over the course of the exhibition, this communally-produced abstract work is constantly evolving, dependent on the decisions and actions of the audience.

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