Madeleine Child

Sweet As

13 February 2010 - 18 April 2010

SNAP, CRACKLE, POP! Welcome to Madeleine Child’s latest witty and flamboyant installation.  A joy to behold but even better to enter, this wondrously delectable candy-land operates as both a visible and audible treat.  Sweet Asis a playful pop extravaganza which transforms this ultimate symbol of fast food - weightless sugary nuggets of puffed up corn - into a dizzyingly compelling and vivid spectacle. 

Unapologetically fun, Sweet Asis delightfully placed in this space. Hovering above the Octagon, it is an alluring wonder-wall, to be roamed through in daylight, or gazed at from a distance at night.  Complete with its very own mirror ball, Sweet Asis the perfect immersive environment for anyone desirous of the art equivalent of an instant sugar-rush. 

Having called Dunedin home for a number of years, Child is part of an important cluster of Otago-based ceramists, who have forged a distinctly contemporary form of practice, which operates seamlessly across the traditional art and craft divide.  As the recent co-joint winner of the prestigious Portage Award (with her long-time collaborator Philip Jarvis and former Dunedin-based ceramic artist Jim Cooper), Child shows this local legacy of the fine art of ceramics, remains in good hands.

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