Marco Fusinato

Reproduction of Double Infinitive 2

7 July 2012 - 6 June 2013

Marco Fusinato’s Reproduction of Double Infinitive 2, 2012, a 7 x 23 metre wall work, makes imagined sound explicit. The work does not have an audio element but it is full of noise. In the found newspaper photograph of a riot there is a real sense of the noise created during the event; fires burn, cars are upturned; rioters shout, and bricks are thrown. The image cannot be comprehended without imagining the sounds this scene would create. In addition to imaginary noise there is visual distortion, created by magnifying the newspaper image. The dots that make up the images are greatly enlarged and create a low resolution and pixilated image. When blown up to the scale of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery’s Big Wall the noise of this image is deafening. 

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