R Myers

The subject is in her house

6 November 2015 - 13 December 2015


The subject is in her house documents the artist on a journey from the front door to the back door of her home, as she follows a chalk drawn line on the floor with her face, tongue out. This task is documented via three cameras lined up on the floor. Each segment of the task is recorded sequentially, revealing a series of rooms or scenes as Myers moves slowly but steadfastly through the house.  Viewers are invited to follow Myers from the front door, down the hall way, through the dining room and kitchen, out to the back porch – ultimately pulling the audiences into their own performance of looking. 

This work is a component of Myers’ current PhD project being made, performing disciplining bodies. Her research explores the performing body mediated through various technologies where different spatial and temporal modes organise and interrupt the body’s gestures. The subject is in her house aims to provoke questions about how we participate in each other’s embodied positionings, how we live, and to situate these as contextualised, particularised and political. 

Myers is currently completing a PhD with Auckland University of Technology and teaches sculpture and studio research practice at the Southern Institute of Technology, Invercargill. 

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