NZ Photography from the Collection

13 May 2017 - 16 July 2017

Softness can describe the smoothness of a surface or the gentle quality of a sound; subtle light effects or the ease with which a thing may be moulded, folded or sliced. It may even be applied to people, indicating leniency or a compassionate nature.

This exhibition gives space to images which shy away from sharp contrasts and lean into subtlety and delicacy to explore the notion of softness in all its sensual forms. It is also concerned with softness in the sense of tenderness – tender moments and gestures as well as ordinary objects or moments captured tenderly. 

Each group of works seeks to engage certain types of softness, through formal qualities of light, focus and material, the velvety textures of fabric and flesh, or even the almost-imperceptible glow which envelops anything or anyone who is gazed upon through affectionate, softening eyes.

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