You Spy, Eye Spy Ōtepoti

10 December 2022 - 14 May 2023

Immerse yourself in Annie Baird’s vibrant and fun scenes of Ōtepoti Dunedin, painted in the 1980s, while playing a tried and true game of Eye Spy! Visions both familiar and nostalgic are painted with Baird’s characteristic exuberance and heart. I spy…what will you spy this Summer? 

I spy with my little eye

Ōtepoti from A through Z.


See the albatross sleeping 

safe and sound at Taiaroa Head.

Can you spy someone ready for sleeping

all snuggled up in their bed?


Find Peter Pan in the gardens, 

Queen Victoria on her throne

Go on, spot them if you can!

Spy Josephine, the tricycle

And the children with the ice cream van!


Spot the blue horse, the red shoes

and all things starting with B, P or V.

Can you find something beginning with Ng or Wh?

What about the Bell Tiger climbing in a tree?


I spy, you spy, let’s play Eye Spy

What will you choose for Ōtepoti’s Z?

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