Ata mārie Ōtepoti...

New work by Scott Eady

19 April 2021

Cinelli 250: Ata mārie Ōtepoti
& Bathgate Series

In 2020, soon after the nationwide lockdown ended, Scott Eady bought a Box Brownie camera from a local secondhand shop. As part of the Dunedin Public Art Gallery’s 2020 Ōtepoti Dunedin artist residency, Eady took the opportunity to experiment with this technology, intentionally not cleaning the lens of this old and well-used camera. The outcome of this experimentation is theBathgate Series – a group of 12 photographs that trace Eady’s Saturday morning walks to Bathgate Park School. Within this kaupapa, Eady also worked with a group of students from Bathgate Park School, introducing the magic of Box Brownie photography to a new generation and providing the opportunity for them to create 12 of their own photographs.

These photographs, along with Eady’s installation Cinelli 250: Ata mārie Ōtepoti, are currently on display at Dunedin Public Art Gallery. 

A Dunedin Public Art Gallery Visiting Artist Project supported by Creative New Zealand Toi Aotearoa along with project partner, Dunedin School of Art.

[above: SCOTT EADY left: Ata mārie Ōtepoti2021 neon. right: Chippendale Suite2020-21 Cast iron and wood from a Brasted London upright piano, automotive paint, urethane varnish, bronze plaque, performers. All courtesy of the artist. Photograph by Justin Spiers
below: SCOTT EADY left: Dome, right Bars (from the Bathgate Series) 2020-21. Digital prints on Hot Press Bright paper. Courtesy of the artist]


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