Marilynn Webb

Internationally celebrated

20 February 2024

With over 140 works, dating from 1968 – 2005, the exhibition Folded in the hills celebrates Marilynn Webb’s distinctive and internationally celebrated printmaking practice. In 1970, Webb’s work was exhibited in the 7th International Graphic Biennale (Tokyo, Japan), Expo (Osaka, Japan) and the 2nd Graphic Triennial (New Delhi, India). It marked the beginning of Webb’s work being seen in a global context, often sitting within biennales, triennials and exhibitions that celebrated print and graphic art. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Webb’s work was shown in Yugoslavia, Poland, Germany, Norway, Italy, Amsterdam, London, France, Australia, and the United States, among others. Unlike artforms such as painting and sculpture, it was relatively simple to send unframed works on paper overseas and Webb often spoke about the important agency of works on paper – as something that could cost-effectively and easily move around the world.

Noho ora mai
Lauren Gutsell Kairauhī Curator
Dunedin Public Art Gallery

[above: Marilynn Webb Summer landscape with Rain Clouds 1972. Mixed media on paper. Marilynn Webb Estate collection. This work was included in the 3rd Exposition Internationale de Dessins Originaux at the Moderna Galerija, Rijeka, Yugoslavia in 1972.]

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