New in the Rear Window

Neihana Gordon-Stables

17 May 2022

While the gallery’s first floor is currently in changeover, we’re pleased to welcome a new work to the Rear Window by Tāmaki Makaurau-based artist Neihana Gordon-Stables (Ngāti Kuri).

Gordon-Stables describes that his moving image practice is “exploring romantic and platonic queer relationships, the desire, love, longing and turmoil that occur in all of them.”(1) His video, I LIKE THIS QUEER SCENE BUT I'VE SLEPT WITH BOTH OF THEM(2017) is now on view from Moray Place. 

This work follows two cars full of friends driving around at night. There’s no apparent destination; instead, there’s a sense of fun and revelry – and a restlessness. This is punctuated by a yell from one of the group: “where are the hot people in this city?”[1]

Noho ora mai, Sophie DavisCurator, Dunedin Public Art Gallery[image: NEIHANA GORDON STABLES I LIKE THIS QUEER SCENE BUT I'VE SLEPT WITH BOTH OF THEM 2017. Still, Digital video, 1:31 mins. Courtesy of the artist]

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