New Rebecca Baumann Installation

Light Interference

21 December 2022

Over recent weeks, the Gallery’s exhibition team have been installing two works by Australian artist Rebecca Baumann across the Gallery’s Big Wall and atrium: Light Interference (Refracted Field) and Light Interference (Spectral Transmission). Responding directly to the natural light that floods the Gallery’s atrium, Baumann has used a colour-shifting dichroic film in both works – a material that transmits and reflects a range of colours depending on the strength and direction of sunlight and the position of the viewer. 

Light Interference (Spectral Transmission) runs the length of the Gallery’s skylight, as well as sections of the front window panels. Depending on the time of day and the weather, the gallery can be flooded in soft washes of colour or intersected by intensely colourful beams of light. The presence of particular colours, shapes and reflections are fleeting – some lasting for only a moment – creating a unique experience for every visitor. We are looking forward to seeing how this work changes over the summer months!

Noho ora maiLauren GutsellKairauhī Curator, Dunedin Public Art Gallery[image: Rebecca BaumannLight Interference (Spectral Transmission), 2022 (installation view), dichroic film. Courtesy of the artist and Starkwhite.] 

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